Jewish Hate Group's Attempt to Suppress Truth Helps Spread Revisionism

Despite its carefully-cultivated media image as a human-rights watchdog, the Simon Wiesenthal Center actually promotes a narrow, sectarian agenda that puts Jews, Zionism, and the State of Israel ahead of any and all non-Jewish interests. As part of their relentless campaign of self-promotion, they constantly smear anyone who does not hew to their ideological line. This tactic creates hordes of enemies, which then prove useful for frightening their supporters into donating more money.

Their latest effort (March 2000) to smear their perceived opponents is a CD-ROM that purports to show "hate" sites on the Internet. Of course, because of their agenda, Holocaust revisionism is classified as "hate." Ironically, the CD-ROM, "Digital Hate 2000," contains the bulk of the IHR Web site circa March 1999, PLUS lots of other information from the Z√ľndelsite, David Irving's site, Ahmed Rami's site, CODOH, and much, much more. Additionally, the Simon Wiesenthal Center includes lots of information on racist and racialist sites, and even information on making a simple bomb.


Anyone having trouble getting through to the IHR Web site (or any of the others featured on this CD-ROM) because of filtering software or narrow-minded superiors, can have direct access to this information by obtaining a copy of "Digital Hate 2000" from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.