A Productive Summer and a More Effective IHR

Institute for Historical Review
September 2008

This has been an unusually busy and productive summer for the IHR. In spite of a serious financial squeeze due to a seasonal downturn in donations, there have been more meetings and radio interviews than usual. And important changes in the office are improving the Institute's efficiency and long-term performance. Some highlights:

Weber Addresses Peace Conference in Baltimore

At an important conference to promote peace and cross-cultural understanding, Mark Weber gave a crisply delivered, carefully organized and well received address. The IHR director spoke about the motives behind the US invasion of Iraq, the harmful consequences of America's "blank check" support for Israel, the Jewish-Zionist grip on US foreign policy, the danger of new wars, and the prospects for an effective peace movement. (The text of his address is posted here.)

The August 16 event in suburban Baltimore was organized by a local Islamic association, Jamaat Al-Muslimeen. Among the other speakers were: Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General and internationally prominent peace activist; Charles E. Carlson, director of "We Hold These Truths," a Christian organization for peace and justice; Dr. Kaukab Siddique, MC and publisher of "New Trend Magazine"; and, Hesham Tillawi, host of the "Current Issues" television show.

The meeting's successful unity of purpose angered the Zionist "Anti-Defamation League," which lashed out with a bitter and deceitful attack against the speakers and organizers. Weber responded to the Jewish group's blast with a rebuke, "A Zionist Smear: The ADL Attacks an Islamic Peace Conference" (posted here). "Given the ADL's track record of malice and deceit," he concluded, "this latest attack is a badge of honor."

Personnel and Processing Improvements

To improve the Institute's efficiency and performance, the director has made some important changes in the office.

In recent months, some customer orders were badly delayed or mishandled. To tackle this problem, a new shipping and sales manager was recently hired who is processing orders for books, discs and flyers much more quickly and efficiently.

The office's outmoded data processing program has been replaced. This overdue upgrade enables more focused and cost-effective mailings, which will greatly improve long-term productivity. And important website changes are being made that should significantly improve on-line sales and processing of on-line orders.

Weber, Fromm and Green Speak at May 24 Meeting

First-rate talks by three seasoned speakers marked the successful IHR meeting on May 24 in southern California. (A full report, with photos, is posted here Video recordings of the talks will be made available on DVD.

Paul Fromm, director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, spoke with insight, verve and humor on the increasingly successful battle for on-line free speech in Canada. Mark Green, author and public affairs television show host, discredited the double standard that prevails in American media coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict, and explained why the dread label of "anti-Semitism" is both inaccurate and bogus.

In a detailed and well referenced talk, Mark Weber took apart key myths about World War II, including the dangerous notion that it was a clash between virtue and evil. The IHR director highlighted major lies about America's role in the conflict. (The text of his talk, "The 'Good War' Myth of World War Two," is posted here.)

Irving Reports on Austria Ordeal at IHR Meeting

David Irving and Mark Weber addressed a memorable IHR meeting on June 14, also in southern California. (A detailed report on the event, with photos, is posted here.)

The renowned British historian gave a gripping, first-hand report on his harrowing arrest in Austria, his sensational trial in Vienna, and his 13 months of imprisonment there. He also spoke about wartime Germany's harsh treatment of Jews, presenting a view of "the Holocaust" similar to the one he laid out years ago in the first edition of his book, Hitler's War.

In a spirited and penetrating address, Weber took aim at the American national mythology about World War II. He spoke about two new books about the war, by Patrick J. Buchanan and by Nicholson Baker, praising them as important antidotes to the familiar, much propagandized portrayal of the conflict.

Meeting in Baltimore

At a meeting in Baltimore on July 2, the IHR director once again tackled myths about World War II, and the systematically distorted and hate-filled way that the conflict is portrayed in the US. Weber also spoke about the crucial importance of historical awareness, especially during this time of national confusion and breakdown of social cohesion. He emphasized the need for commitment and personal responsibility.

Newspaper Interview

In an essay-length interview, entitled "Israel at 60: A Grim Balance Sheet," Mark Weber reviewed the track record of the Zionist state, and looked ahead at its likely long-term prospects. The interview was published May 14 in the Tehran Times, a leading English-language Iran daily paper. (It's posted here on the IHR website's home page.)

Radio Interviews

As part of its on-going effort to reach "new" people, the IHR has kept up a good schedule of radio interviews. A few highlights:

On June 8 and again on July 13, Weber returned as a guest of host James Edwards on the popular "Political Cesspool" radio show. (To listen to these two broadcasts, and others, please visit the IHR's "Audio Archive" page.) Regarded as the country's foremost populist radio program, Edwards' weekly show is broadcast on station WLRM in Memphis, Tennessee, and online.

During the June 8 broadcast, Weber spoke about the shameful pandering to Israel and Jewish-Zionist power by McCain, Obama and Clinton, and the disastrous consequences of America's "blank check" support for Israel. This view, Weber said, is based on a hard-headed acknowledgement of historical and political realities. When Israel was established in 1948, he noted, key American officials prophetically warned that US support for the new Zionist state would have harmful, long-term consequences.

During the July 13 broadcast, Weber explained what's behind the growing skepticism about the official "Good War" mythology of World War II, and why it's important. He spoke about the new books, articles and television broadcasts that are challenging the familiar view of World War II history. He highlighted some major myths of the conflict, and spelled out why the outcome was a major setback for Europe and the West. The great victors - the United States and the Soviet Union - worked to establish a "new world order" based on an egalitarian-universalist ideology that has directed the course of the US and Europe.

On July 31 Weber was an hour-long guest with Jeff Rense on his popular show. The IHR director nailed the historical lie that World War II was a conflict between Good and Evil. Rense and Weber also discussed important lessons of the war, Hitler's role in history, and much more.

On May 30, on the hour-long "Voice of Reason" radio show with host Peter Schaenk, the IHR director told listeners about the Zionist-led campaign against California Prof. Kevin MacDonald for his scholarly writings on Jewish group behavior, the outrageous ordeal of British historian David Irving for having expressed non-conformist views about World War II history, and other issues. (To listen to this broadcast, click on the IHR website's "Audio Archive" page.)

Productive Routine Work

During these summer months, the IHR has - as usual - been carrying on its regular, routine work. Each and every week, for example, the IHR mails out many books, CDs, DVDs, audio and video tapes, flyers, and booklets. In fact, month by month, the IHR distributes more items, and on a wider range of topics, than any similar center or organization. No similar group - certainly none with a comparably modest budget and staff - comes close to matching the IHR's level of outreach and distribution.