MasterCard Backs Campaign By Militant Zionist
to Shut Down IHR Credit Card Processing

Two MasterCard Worldwide company officials meet with New York politician Dov Hikind in his office on August 27, 2013, to show support for his campaign to shut down credit card processing by the Institute for Historical Review and several other so-called “hate groups.” With Hikind is (left) Noah Hanft, a MasterCard company lawyer, and (right) Richard Santoro, a MasterCard lobbyist. The company’s “blacklisting” of the IHR has resulted in a shutdown of the Institute’s credit card processing. Hikind has a well-documented record as a militant Zionist. For years he has an activist of the Jewish Defense League, an outfit that the FBI describes as a "violent extremist Jewish organization" and a "right-wing terrorist group." Moreover, Hikind has for years been a staunch supporter of Israel’s policies of oppression and discrimination based on ancestry.