Employment Opportunity

We need a full-time staff member to join our team here in southern California.

He or she will handle website formatting, posting and updating, maintain computer data records, work on outreach and publishing projects, and handle routine office tasks such as product shipping, customer relations and supply procurement.

The applicant must have good writing and verbal communication skills, a demonstrated ability to produce quality work on a timely basis, a responsible attitude, initiative, respect for the ideals and goals of the IHR, and be able to work together well with others.

Desirable, but not essential: business or publishing background; marketing, editing or research experience; knowledge of French, German, Russian and/or Spanish; a good understanding of modern US and world history.

Preference will be given to applicants who already live in southern California.

The starting salary is competitive.

Interested? Please send inquiry or resume to:

Mark Weber

P.O. Box 2739, Newport Beach, California 92659

E-mail: ihr@ihr.org

Tel. 714-593-9725

( August 2015)