November 2005

Reaching New People ... With Your Help
A Message from Mark Weber, Director, Institute for Historical Review

Dear friend,

We've just issued the new IHR Update newsletter, which reports on our work in recent months. It's posted on our website in pdf format, so it can be printed out for easy reading. And soon we'll be mailing it out to friends and supporters across the country.

As we report, this past year has been a busy and productive time for us.

What we've accomplished -- I'm grateful to acknowledge -- is only possible through the generous support of men and women who appreciate our record, and who have shown their trust by investing in the IHR's vital work.

To effectively carry on, we need your continued help.

Vigorous Media Outreach

One of our greatest challenges is how to reach new people -- those who normally hear only the standard, "politically correct" version of history and current affairs. It's not enough to go after those who already agree with us. That's why we work hard to reach people who've never before heard our message.

Unlike some groups, we don't just "preach to the choir."

Throughout the year -- as we report in the new newsletter -- we've kept up a vigorous schedule of media work, including many radio and television interviews that routinely reach hundreds of thousands of new listeners and viewers on regular and short wave stations in the US and overseas, as well as through the internet.

New CD and DVD Discs 

In recent weeks we have been designing and producing a new series of CD and DVD recordings, to make available -- for the first time ever -- many memorable addresses from our large archives, and other presentations, in accessible, cutting-edge disc format.

The initial response to this long-range effort has been encouraging. For example, sales of our new disc, "Hitler's Place in History," with talks by David Irving and myself at the IHR meeting in April, have been remarkably robust.

Website Impact 

Viewership of our website -- -- has remained strong throughout the year. In September 2005, for example, it received nearly two and a half million "hits," or about 80,000 a day.  

Each day articles and reviews posted on the IHR website are read by many more people than ever saw them in their original, printed form, such as in the IHR's Journal of Historical Review.

Through the internet, IHR items are routinely distributed -- not only by us, but by many others as well -- to countless thousands around the world, or are posted on various websites, including in foreign languages. For example, the text of my recent address in New York, and our probing new report on the Wiesenthal Center, were quickly distributed to numerous e-mail lists, or were posted on websites around the world.

Targeting the Wiesenthal Center

On July 29 we rallied outside the offices of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles to focus attention on its record of lies in support of war, Zionist oppression and Jewish supremacism, and to protest the giveaway of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to this bastion of Jewish-Zionist power. Defying obscenity-shouting Zionist counter-demonstrators, our team displayed placards and handed out flyers -- reprinted in the new IHR Update -- headed "No To War, Bigotry and Oppression! No To The Wiesenthal Center!" (A detailed report, with photos, is posted on the IHR website at

New York Meeting 

On July 16 I addressed a spirited IHR meeting in New York City, where I stressed the mounting cost of the Jewish-Zionist grip on our nation's political and cultural life. (A report is posted at

"By supporting Israel and its policies," I said, "the United States betrays not only its own national interests, but the principles it claims to embody and defend." We Americans, I stressed, "are pressured, seduced, cajoled, and deceived into propping up the Jewish state, providing it with billions of dollars yearly and state-of-the-art weaponry, and even sacrificing American lives." (The full text of the address is posted at

Our "IHR News & Comment" e-mail service continues to grow, attracting ever more subscribers who appreciate our useful roundups of news, analysis and commentary. (To subscribe to this free service, drop a line to

As part of our regular work of promoting and shipping out educational materials, we routinely distribute large quantities of books, CDs, DVDs, leaflets, and other items -- a record unmatched by any similar center or association.

To maintain the Institute's effectiveness on the forefront of this great global struggle, support from friends like you is crucial.

I look forward to your generous response.

To make a secure online credit card donation, click on our website's "Support Us" page, and then click on the "DONATE" icon. Or to donate by check, write to us at the address below.

Remember: Your tax-deductible donation to the IHR is a cost-effective weapon in the global struggle for freedom and peace. Our impact is vastly out of proportion to our small staff and modest budget.  


Mark Weber

Director, Institute for Historical Review
Institute for Historical Review

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