Miscellaneous files of interest

IHR Protests the Detention of Dr. Töben (April 1999)

  -- Australian Holocaust Skeptic Arrested in Germany
  -- English-language translation of the arrest warrant

Mark Weber's testimony on behalf of Ernst Zündel in front of the
Human Rights Commission (Toronto)

Preliminary testimony to determine his ability to testify as an expert (1998)

  -- December 7, 1998
  -- December 8, 1998 (long)
  -- December 9, 1998 (long)
  -- December 10, 1998

Expert testimony (2000)

  -- October 4, 2000 (long)
  -- October 5, 2000 (long)
  -- October 6, 2000

[Weber also addressed a group of interested persons at two gatherings in Canada during this period. To hear his address from October 5 in RealAudio format, go to the Radio Freedom site.]

Major Japanese magazine publishes revisionist article (February 1995)

  -- Read the article itself
  -- The article from the JHR dealing with this controversy
  -- Background about the Japanese revisionist who wrote the article
  -- Jewish revisionist David Cole comments on the controversy
  -- The IHR news release about the controversy