An Expression of Appreciation

Nearly every day the Institute for Historical Review receives messages, letters or phone calls of appreciation. An unusually articulate one is the e-mail message, below. (The sender’s name and e-mail address has been blocked out.)

From: xxxxxxxxx @

To: weber @

Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 6:09 PM

Dear Mr. Weber,

Your organization and all of the work you do is greatly appreciated. I have visited the IHR website on a regular basis. I have read, listened to, and watched much of what it has to offer, and what it offers is extremely important. I have read a good number of your excellent writings, listened to several recordings of your presentations and interviews, and watched footage of you speaking and taking part in debates. Your ability to make your points clearly and strongly, while, at the same time, speaking and behaving in the manner of a sensitive and considerate gentleman is very admirable. We need more Mark Webers.

A few days ago, I listened to the CDs I ordered of a show you and Mr. O'Keeffe did in 1990, on a popular LA radio station. I realize this is old news, but I was so impressed with the way you handled the interview and the people who called in. The host often embarrassed himself by relying on second-hand stories and the emotional and the fictional (I am quite sure that Mr. Breitbart and so many others like him decline invitations to debate you because they rely on the same). Also, an alarmingly large percentage of the callers made amazingly stupid statements, hurled ludicrous accusations, resorted to malicious name-calling, and shamelessly (and quite obviously) lied about their own experiences or those of vast and unnamed relatives. Yet, regardless of all of that, you continued to speak clearly and calmly, and you showed a civility and patience toward the host and the callers that was truly remarkable.

I ordered a few other CDs and DVDs from the IHR recently. Each one was very good and very important. The one I was most touched by was the CD of Ingrid Rimland's presentation, "My Life: the Experiences That Shaped My Worldview." Her dignity, honesty, strength, intelligence and courage are amazing, and the story of her and her people is moving enough to provoke genuine tears. All that she and Mr. Zundel have been put through is a grotesque shame, especially considering what they had to bear during and after WW2.

Anyway, thank you again for all of your work, Mr. Weber, and for having the bravery and intelligence to do it.

Thank you again for all of your work, Mr. Weber, and for having the bravery and intelligence to do it.