IHR Update

Real Online Impact

Institute for Historical Review
August 2012

Through years of hard work, the IHR has established itself as an important online source of reliable information and sound perspective.

When people want quick or detailed information on a particular topic, Google is, by far, the most often-used Internet search engine. A typical Google "keyword" search can easily call up hundreds or even thousands of posted items listed on many dozens of pages. But people very often check only the handful of items that are listed on the first page of search results.

A recent check shows that, for an impressive number of issues and topics, a Google "key word" search calls up one or more IHR items on the very first page. For example, an IHR item (and sometimes more than one) comes up among the top ten on the first page of items generated through a Google search for the following topics or "keywords":

Jewish lobby     Zionist power     Jewish Zionist domination     Jews economic power     World War II origins     World War II myths     Nuremberg trials injustice     Nuremberg Trials     Holocaust     Revisionism     Holocaust revisionism     Holocaust deceit     Holocaust campaign     Good war myth     World War II good war myth     Franklin Roosevelt deceit     Franklin Roosevelt lies     Winston Churchill legacy     Hitler place in history     Hitler economy     Hitler declares war     Walt Disney legacy     Iraq war for Israel     Zionism Third Reich     Jews Communism     Jewish role communism     Jewish terrorism     Unknown Holocaust     Simon Wiesenthal     Wiesenthal Center     Joseph Goebbels     Eisenhower death camps     Fraud Nazi quotations     Phony Nazi quotes     Abraham Lincoln race     Hiroshima necessary     Rudolf Hess     American film deceit     Soviet scorched earth     Historians on Barbarossa     Balfour declaration     Jewish soap

For online videos as well, IHR items rank impressively well. IHR video presentations come up near or at the top of searches through YouTube, by far the most popular online video sharing service, for many pertinent topics ("keywords"), including the following:

Holocaust revisionism     Holocaust deceit     Holocaust campaign     Revisionism     Zionist power Jewish domination     Jewish power     World War II myths     World War II good war myth     Roosevelt war deceit     President Roosevelt lies     Churchill legacy     Churchill deceit     Hitler place in history     Third Reich economy     Zionism Third Reich     Hitler Austria

Video presentations of many dozens of IHR talks and lectures are available online. For example, nearly 60 videos based on "Mark Weber Report" broadcasts are available through YouTube. These dozens of videos have been produced independently of the IHR – which is further evidence of their appeal.

Because the battle for freedom and historical truth is a global one, it's gratifying to note that many IHR items are available online in a range of languages. In recent weeks, for example, new Italian translations of several IHR items have been produced, posted and distributed. And a Korean-language translation of an IHR essay is provided in a version of the "Jewish Domination of America" video.

Unlike groups and individuals that "preach to the choir," reaching only a limited number of "true believers," or that seek larger audiences with simplistic, sensationalized presentations, the IHR routinely reaches students, activists, educators and opinion-makers with solid information and sound perspective that's vitally important in the battle for freedom and truth in history.

The Institute also reaches better educated people. According to the independent "Quantcast" survey, 38 percent of IHR website visitors are at least college educated, and a remarkable 29 percent have graduate school education.

No wonder the Jabotinsky International Center, a militant Zionist "think tank" based in Israel, calls the IHR "particularly dangerous" because its website has "a professional layout and well-written material."

No similar organization – certainly none with such limited resources – matches the Institute's record of solidity, effective outreach and enduring impact.