IHR Condemns Holocaust Museum Shooting

Institute for Historical Review
Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Institute for Historical Review unequivocally condemns the shooting yesterday at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, in which a security guard was killed. “We condemn this despicable and criminal attack, carried out by an obviously deranged individual,” says Mark Weber, director of the IHR. “We are all the more emphatic in condemning such violence because the IHR itself has been a victim of extremist violence.”

During the 1980s, the IHR was repeatedly attacked by the Jewish Defense League, which the FBI identified as a terrorist group. On July 4, 1984, the JDL firebombed the Institute’s office and warehouse. Estimated property loss was more than $400,000, including tens of thousands of books, rare documents, irreplaceable files and expensive office equipment. This arson attack climaxed a months-long campaign by the JDL that included numerous death threats by telephone and mail, extensive property damage, five relatively minor fire bombings, one drive-by shooting and two physical assaults. (For more on this see “The Zionist Terror Network,” http://www.ihr.org/books/ztn.html )

According to some press accounts, the alleged shooter, James von Brunn, was once associated with the IHR. In fact, says Weber, there is no record of any such connection. “In the 18 years I have worked here for the Institute,” says Weber, “I have never met or interacted with this individual.”

The IHR opposes bigotry of all kinds in its efforts to promote greater public understanding of history. “We are proud of the backing we’ve earned from people of the most diverse political views and racial and ethnic backgrounds,” says Weber.

The IHR is an educational, public interest research and publishing center. It is non-partisan, non-ideological, and non-sectarian. It works to promote peace, understanding and justice through greater public awareness of the past, especially socially-politically relevant aspects of twentieth-century history. (For more on the IHR’s mission and work, see http://www.ihr.org/main/about.shtml)